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I find your licenses policy confusing and have trouble to know what to buy to get what I want. I guess someone with one license to cover all platforms has a huge advantage as a selling point. Now I have to do a timeconsuming study to find out what to buy and that makes me look elsewhere before I start to look and calculate the cost to buy your products.

I want to install this on a couple of windows pc's, one mac and some ios devices. This is my familys devices. I want to be able to have my passwords private but also the option to share some with my wife and son. They should also have the option to have private password. Do we need to have separate licenses to have that option?

What do I have to buy to get what I want with your products?


  • 1 Windows license, 1 Mac license and 1 iOS license, assuming that you're Mac accounts are setup for family sharing.

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    Can the windows license and mac license be the mac + windows bundle?

  • The basic iOS version is free for everyone to download and use. If anyone finds they want or need the more advanced Pro feature, each user will have to make the required in-app purchase to activate them. Apple doesn't provide for Family Sharing on in-app purchases. That means US$9.99 each. The only exception would be if everyone in the family uses the same Apple ID.

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    Hi @teho59,

    I hope hawkmoth and RichardPayne's advice here has been helpful but if you have any further questions please feel free to ask!

  • Thank for answering!

    Decided to wait before I buy, will probably buy but will check if there are others which have the same security but simpler license policy first.

    I have other software (YNAB) which uses dropbox for sharing and have one license for all devices, easy and user friendly.

    So, one family share a dropbox and one license for all. As a programmer I don't see a reason for not implementing that. I would buy the whole package immediately.

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    Thanks for the feedback!

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    Agile can't win on this. If they had one license covering all platforms, some of us (including me) would complain that since we never use Windows we are paying for something useless to us.

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    And that is why it is set up the way it currently is. :)

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