Dropbox sync mistake

Hi guys

Looking to switch vaults from dropbox to love device but I mistakenly deleted my Dropbox app data for 1p. Stupid error on my part.

How do I switch then if this is the case?


  • periperi

    Team Member

    Hi @Opulescence, thanks for contacting us today! I'm sorry to hear about your sync troubles, and I'll be happy to help get things back on track.

    It sounds like you originally configured 1Password 4 for Android to sync with Dropbox, correct? If so, are you still able to sync/view your 1Password data in 1Password since deleting your Dropbox app data? Or are you receiving errors in 1Password?

    I'd like you to make sure your data is still intact in Dropbox using 1PasswordAnywhere. To do so, log into https://www.dropbox.com in a web browser. Then open your 1Password folder and click the 1Password.html file you find inside. This will open the 1Password interface in your browser, which you can open with your Master Password. Are you able to locate your 1Password data that way?

    Finally, are you syncing with any other devices? If so, what OS and version of 1Password do they run?

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