Using USB drive to get scrambled text to login with

Basically I need a good way to enter the master password on windows without getting compromised in any way.

Would it work with a USB stick for that, and somehow on it have a text that is scrambled, so I just can copy past my masterpassword from it?

It should look like this: XXXXXXXX, i.e the password shouldnt be visible, in this way key loggers cant catch me because of copy and paste and I would also be safe for programs that make screen captures if that even exists.

Is this even possible? I know 1 password is very safe now because to get my login data they must have either MY comuter or MY iphone right? Or actually if they get control over my dropbox acount they would get my data to, but dropbox acount is ofcourse protected with good password from 1password Im just a little extra paranoid and would love to have some even more security added.

To sum it up, I want to have my master password on a USB stick in a scrambled state., and also the USB stick/the scrambled text file would be password proticted to. So in this way it wouldnt be enough if they stole my computer and had keylogged my masterpassword (because in this way they couldnt have keylogged the masterpassword anyhow) , they would need the USB stick to. And USB stick wouldnt be enough because they need MY computer to enter the passwords on. Am I thinking wrong on something and is this possible, and if so how?

I found these secure usb keys thats super secure so if this would work it would be basically zero % chance for someone to get your login data.


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    Actually I just read about the USB stick that im gonna buy you can save passwords on it in an scrambled/encrypted state, so I could have my 1password master password there, my question though now is can you install and run 1password from a USB drive?
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    I currently use Neo's Safekeys, which is a (free) virtual keyboard.
    When you enter a password in Neo's Safekeys, it appears as asterisks:

    You drag & drop the password (asterisks) to the master password input field.
    Because you drag & drop, your clipboard isn't used.

    There are not only keyloggers, but also screen loggers and clipboard loggers (I'm sorry, I don't want to make you more paranoid :oops:).
    Neo's Safekeys also has protection against screenloggers.

    You could also use additional protection against keyloggers, screen loggers and clipbloard loggers, like Spyshelter, Zemana AntiLogger and Keyscrambler (anti keylogger only).

    I've got a few questions about the USB stick. How do you decrypt the passwords and if you decrypt the passwords, how do they appear? Does it work like TrueCrypt?
    What if you lose the USB stick? Do you have something to remember your password (like PasswordCard or a secure, but easy to remember password)?

    As far as I know, you can't install 1P on a USB stick, but you can use 1PasswordAnywhere from a USB flash drive.
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    conceroro, I don't know how your post from a few days ago slipped past me—sorry about that!

    Please note that 1Password for Windows already includes a virtual keyboard for entering your master password—there's no need for a third-party tool. Just click on the "..." button on the master password prompt screen (the "vault doors"). That screen has always obscured your master password with dots.

    As pazzie has mentioned, we do not support installing 1Password on a removable drive.
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