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I installed 1Password on both my MacBook Pro and on my Kindle Fired HD last year, and they were synced at one time. I have not used the Kindle for a while and have made many edits on the MacBook install, and now wish those edits to show up on the Kindle version, but I do not know how to do that.

Assistance please.



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    Hey Bob. I would love to help you get sync working again between your MacBook Pro and Kindle Fire HD. Could you tell me which version of 1Password you have installed on your Kindle device? You can check your version number by going into Settings > About.

    Is your Mac currently configured to sync with a local folder or Dropbox/iCloud? How did you initially import your data onto your Kindle Fire?

  • Hello,

    on the MacBook Pro it is version 4.4.3. on the Kindle it is version 1.8.5. I don't remember for sure, but most likely I did it by connecting the two devices with a USB cable. I do not use Dropbox or iCloud.

  • Ok. You jogged my memory, and I found the folders/documents on my MacBook in the Application Support folder in the User's Library, and I dragged them to the documents folder on the Kindle and now they are synced. So is there a way to keep them synced automatically whenever I hook up the USB cable between the devices? Or will I just do it manually whenever I hook them together to move other stuff? Thanks.

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    It sounds like you are using local folder sync. For folder sync to work, you will need to manually copy over the 1Password data folder from your Mac and continue doing so every time there is a change on your Mac. This sync option really works if changes are made only on the Mac. If Android does not contain any new items or changes, you can simply remove your old 1Password data folder and replace it with the most recently copied data folder from your Mac. Once you have copied the data over, tap on the menu button within 1Password (or three vertical dots on the screen) and tap to Sync now. This will pull in the newest information from the data folder.

  • saadsaad

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    Please note, you will need to copy over the data folder to the same location 1Password was originally configured to sync to. If you change locations, a reinstallation is required, which will allow you to choose the new path.

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