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I have a Macbook Air, an iPhone and an iPad. From what I've seen/heard, I need to purchase a license for my Mac and a single license that would cover both my iOS devices, Correct?
Also, if I want to synch to iCloud, I should purchase the Mac license from the Mac App Store, and am assuming that the iOS license I would buy from the Apple App Store, correct?
I downloaded a free version to my Macbook from the Agilebits site to try, how do I transition it to the licensed version? Will purchasing the license from the Mac App store lead my through the transition? Thanks.


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    Just a quick note that Apple use the words "App Store" for two different things, the store for apps on Mac OS, and the store for apps on iOS. The latter can be reached either through the App Store app on an iOS device, or on a Mac using the iTunes store.

    Also, the basic version for iOS is free, but an in-app purchase gives extra functionality if you want it.

    Yes, if you want iCloud sync you must buy the Mac version from the App Store.

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    Hi @cheryllarsen ,

    Thanks for considering 1Password to keep your data secure and organized!

    To cover your Mac and iOS devices, you'll need 1Password for Mac and 1Password for iOS.

    A single license for 1Password for Mac will allow you to install 1Password on as many Macs as you (and up to six members of your household) use. You can purchase a license from our website or from the Mac App Store. If you purchase from the Mac App Store, please follow this guide: Migrate to the Mac App Store version to transfer between versions.

    Because iOS apps can only be sold through the iOS App Store, 1Password for iOS is a separate purchase. However, 1Password 5 for iOS is a free download in the iOS App Store. There are some Pro Features available for a one-time in-app purchase, but when you're just getting started, you may not need them.

    I hope this helps, but we're here if you have any questions or concerns. :)

  • Thank you both for you quick responses. These are very clear directions. I will work with them and let you know if I run into any problems/questions.

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    Thanks for the update!

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