Trouble with Chrome & Firefox extensions, how to revert to older versions?

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  • i am having a problem after updating the extensions for both Firefox and Chrome. Clicking on the 1Password icon on my toolbar when i'm trying to enter a site does nothing now. How can I get the previous extensions back?

  • @mgb try using the Restart 1Password Helper option on the application's Help menu.

  • I apologize for my earlier thickness. I tried your suggestion and found no difference. Accessing the 1P icon in the toolbar does nothing for any website on either Chrome or Firefox.

  • Everything worked perfectly until I did the extension updates on Firefox & Chrome. I have done the restart as suggestion in the link and continue to get no "life" from the 1P icon in the toolbar.

  • sjksjk oversoul

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    Hi @mgb,

    Sorry you're still having trouble with using 1Password in Chrome and Firefox after trying what @RichardPayne suggested. Is it with version 4.2.5 of the extensions? And which version of the 1Password application are you running? Have you also restarted your system since this problem started?

  • Yes, it is version 4.2.5.; 1P is And unfortunately, yes, I did restart the system last night after I first found an unresponsive 1P following the extensions updates.

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    Accessing the 1P icon in the toolbar does nothing

    @mgb Please turn OFF this setting: Help > Advanced > Verify web browser code signature

  • BINGO! That did it! Thanks a whole lot.
    I have to question why this was necessary, but you've more problems to solve. Thank you!

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    Happy to hear @stefan's suggestion worked for you, @mgb. Thanks for letting us know! :)

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