Request for better support for creating accounts on iOS


Maybe I just do not know how to really do it but let me request a better support when creating accounts on iOS. With "creation accounts" I mean i.e. to sign up on a website. Currently from my point of view this is very hard to handle either in Safari and the built in browser.

I would expect a way to easily generate a password and directly store it in the database together with the other details of the new account (i.e. User name).

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  • MeganMegan

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    Hi Andreas ( @aguther ),

    Thanks so much for the feedback here! You're right, it's certainly not as simple to set up a new account on iOS as it is on Mac.

    It's important to remember that iOS app extensions are a brand new feature in iOS 8. Additionally, iOS is a completely different environment from OS X, so creating an iOS app extension that functions the same way as our browser extensions on the desktop is not a simple matter of copying and pasting. ;) We've started off with basic functionality in our app extension: the ability to fill your details in Safari and supported apps, along with account creation assistance in some of the supported apps. Our developers are working to expand the extension's powers and make it even more useful to users.

    I'll let our team know that you're keen to see some improvement with in-browser account creation.

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