Just upgraded from iPhone 4S to iPhone 6. Pro version of iPassword not working on new phone.

Today, I bought a new iPhone 6. I downloaded 1 Password Pro from the App Store. The app loaded fine and then I synched to my vault on Dropbox. All 247 items synched properly. But not all categories are displayed and no attachments are shown. I have the Pro version on my iPhone 4S.

Do I have to rebuy 1Password Pro for $9.99? Shouldn't the Pro version work on my iPhone 6 without having to buy it again?


  • You do not need to buy the Pro features again, as long as you are logged in under the same Apple ID you used on your 4s. Have you tried the option to restore in-app purchases on your new device.

  • Per your comment, I checked and I was logged in with the wrong id. I reloaded app and signing in with correct ID and the Pro version works. Thank you.

  • Great to hear! Thanks for reporting back.

  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    @jnjsq2, I'm really happy to hear hawkmoth's suggestion helped you to solve the problem! :) It sounds like you're all set now, but if you need more help or have questions, please let us know.

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