iOS Pro Upgrade

Hello all, I have a few questions,
1. Can I put in both a product key and a serial # for Licenses?
2. What are the other categories?
3. Can I add multiple attachments?
4. Can I use custom icons for items?
If someone knows the answer or a link to answers for them that would be great! Thanks!


  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi @IronCraftMan,

    I'd be happy to help with these questions.

    1. Do you mean on a Software License item? If so, yes. You can add a new section for serial number. License key is one of the included fields.
    2. Login, Secure Note, Credit Card, Identity, Password, Social Security Number, Driver's License, Passport, Bank Account, Wireless Router, Server, Outdoor License, Reward Program, Database, Membership, Software License, Email Account
    3. Not from iOS. 1Password 5 for iOS supports viewing attachments with the Pro Features unlocked. Currently it is not possible to add attachments to items in 1Password for iOS—you will need to add them to items using 1Password on your Mac or PC.
    4. Not on iOS.



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