lost masterpassword for MAc, but still have it for the Iphone app

Unlucky I miswrote my new masterpassword. Now I'm locked out from 1password (v 5.1) on my Mac (OSX Yosemite 10.10.2). But I do have a synced version on my Iphone (version 5.2). It is set to sync through Wifi.
What steps can i take to reinstall and have the data from the Iphone synced to my mac?



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    Hi @dingskie,

    I'm sorry to hear about this. Master Password syncing only works one way in the case of Wi-Fi sync (from the Mac to the iPhone). So unfortunately there's no way for us to use that to reset the Mac's Master Password. But... I think we have two options to fix this up:

    Before we fix that up, let's make sure we're being safe, and let's copy your Mac's backups to a safe place. The Mac app has been doing daily backups automatically.

    1. This page will tell you where your Backups are, depending on which version of 1Password you're using (App Store or AgileBits Store).
    2. Copy that path.
    3. Open a new Finder window, and use the Go > Go to Folder... menu item
    4. Paste in that path, and click Go.
    5. This should show your backups. Let's copy these all to a safe place, maybe a new folder on your desktop for the time being.

    So now to fix this up we have two options to pick from:

    Option 1 : Restore from Mac Backup

    We can use our Starting Over guide to completely remove your 1Password data (except for the backups we copied) in order to start from scratch again.

    Once you've done that, restart 1Password, and it should treat you like a new user. Click the button that says you've used 1Password before. One of the options it gives you should be to restore from a backup file, and it should let you choose a backup to restore from. You can provide it one of the backup files that you copied.

    Option 2 : Restore from iOS Backup

    1. On iOS, go to Settings > Advanced, and tap Create Backup.
    2. Plug your iOS device into your Mac
    3. Use iTunes' File Sharing to retrieve the backup and copy it onto your Mac.

    From there here you can use the same Starting Over guide to completely remove 1Password data.

    Once you've completed the Starting Over guide, you can restart 1Password, click the button that says you've used 1Password before, and point it to your iOS backup.

    I hope this helps. Let us know how it goes.


  • thanks so far!

  • If you run into any issues please do let us know @dingskie

  • worked fine, thank you so much!

  • Happy 1Passwording @dingskie :smile: (yes, I did just turned it into a verb)

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