LastPass vs 1Password - Auto login to website(s)?

I currently am a premium member of LastPass. Unfortunately, one of the missing features is the ability to auto-login to a website(especially auto-login to bulk sites at one time). The only way to "auto" login to a website is to first right-click on the red icon and then type the site URL/name into the search box and then click the result and it will open a new tab and auto-login(as long as auto-login is chosen). HOWEVER, that is extremely tedious and completely useless for anyone who regularly needs to login to multiple websites. Right now in firefox bookmarks I have created a folder with 7 websites bookmarked for my management company. I put them in their own bookmark folder to avoid having to click each site from a bookmark one at a time, because I can then right click the bookmark folder and do "Open All in Tabs" which opens tabs for all sites. Lastpass successfully fills in each username/password on those 7 login screens, however it does not have the ability to auto-submit.

I am wondering if this is anything that 1password can do??? If so I will switch in a heartbeat!


  • As sad as it makes me, 1Password might not be the right choice for you then, because while 1Password does indeed have the ability to auto-submit a login item once it has filled the login credentials into the form fields, our app does not do auto-filling.

    We view this as a security precaution and a matter of comfort that the user has to actively elect to fill a login form.

    There's one thing 1Password does that might still have you consider it: Our keybaord shortcut.
    Imagine this scenario:

    1. You use the bookmark folder to open all required sites at once.
    2. Switching from tab to tab, you use the keyboard shortcut "CTRL+\" to have the 1Password extension fill the login credentials on each page and let the auto-submit feature do its job.
    3. Done.

    I recommend you download 1Password 4 for Windows from and give the outlined scenario a try.
    You can try 1Password for free for 30 days and decide whether switching is worth it.

    If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask us.

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    @lamboguy For security reasons, we never auto-fill anything. Filling your logins always requires either a click on the 1Password button in your web browser, or the Ctrl+\ keyboard shortcut.

    Here's an excellent explanation by @jpgoldberg

    In essence, it comes down to this: a specially crafted HTML page could capture a user's login if it is configured to auto-fill.

    Please see this security paper: pwdmgr.pdf


    1. Existing autofilling password managers are less secure
    2. Password managers can be strengthened by always requiring manual user interaction before triggering autofill
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