Billing Zip code not filling

I have tried adding a field named zip code and it does not fill in.
Thank you for your help


  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    Hi @TroyKrueger,

    Although you can add custom fields to items in 1Password, they aren't used for filling forms on web sites. Sorry for any confusion about that!

    What type of form are you trying to fill? If you need to fill an address, you can create an Identity item in 1Password, which already has a field for your zip code.

    If you have more questions or need help, we're here for you! :)

  • filling in a credit card form -

  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    Hi @TroyKrueger,

    Is that form asking you to enter only your zip code, or is it asking for your entire billing address? If it's asking for your whole address, you can use an Identity item to fill that information. (And actually, even if it's only asking for the zip code, you should be able to use the same Identity item, and it should be able to fill just that field.)

  • I'm using a Credit Card 'entry' in 1password to fill in my CC details. One of the single fields is Zip Code, in another site it may be Billing Zip Code, I have tried to make a custom field to enter in this information for me and it still fails.

  • Hi @TroyKrueger,

    We have three special categories.

    • Login items : Designed to fill in on a login page.
    • Credit Cards : Designed to fill in on a payment processing page. Details we will try and fill are the default fields such as expiry date, long number, name and so on.
    • Identity items : Designed to fill in on a page. Details we will try and fill are the default fields such as name and address.

    In all three types they only work with the hardcoded fields. That's why adding a custom field for your zip code didn't work out as you expected it to. I would recommend creating an Identity item. You can fill a single page first with a credit card and then an identity. Obviously it would be advised to check the page over afterwards. At the moment though there isn't a way to fill in both a credit card + zip code with a single fill command.

    I hope that helps but if you have any questions please do ask :smile:

  • Ok got it. Thank you-

  • Let us know how you get along with an Identity item @TroyKrueger if you do create one, did it help on the page you were needing it for?

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