Missing Passwords from Dropbox


I have 3 macs syncing 1password with my Dropbox vault.

2 work perfectly and can see the same passwords, cc's, etc in both and use the same password for both, which I just recently changed.

The 3rd mac had to be rebuilt, so I FULLY uninstalled all 1password (following instructions on your website) and re-installed.

The 3rd mac connected with the vault on dropbox but only shows passwords and content that have been created AFTER the password change previously mentioned.

Any ideas??


  • Hi @realvo,

    That's certainly odd.

    Can you check a couple of things for us please.

    Log into your Dropbox account via their website https://www.dropbox.com. Search your Dropbox storage space for .agilekeychain. To be honest by the time you've typed .agile it will probably have narrow down the search.

    How many .agilekeychain folders do you have? I'm suspecting you have more than one.

    For each that you find it might be worth using the 1PasswordAnywhere feature to check the contents.

    Having done both of these can you report back please with your findings. I'm hoping it will shed some light on the matter.

    If you do have more than one it might be worth checking the Sync tab in 1Password on each mac, see where it is syncing to. That is also information that will be potentially useful.

    Please do keep us informed.

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