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The instructions for 1Pass 5 bear no relation to what is actually available on my mac. I cannot sync. For example it called for changing "settings" and there is no option for settings. It just gets worse from there. All I want to do is sync from my mac to my iPhone and my iPad. There are clear instructions, but they don't match what I see when I open my apps on phone, iPad and desktop. Anyone know what the deal is or how to get around this nonsense?


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    Hi @kimcarneal,

    Sorry to hear about the trouble!

    Our guide for Wi-Fi sync is available here:

    (I'm not sure if those are the instructions you already looked at.)

    If that's not what you're seeing on your Mac or iOS devices, could you please let me know what version you're using?

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    Hi @kimcarneal,

    I see that you also emailed us for help to set up Wi-Fi sync, and it looks like someone replied to you several minutes ago. (If for some reason you didn't receive the email reply, please make sure to check your junk/spam filters in case it was caught there.) To avoid confusion, we'll keep the conversation going via email so we don't duplicate efforts between here and there. I'm sure we'll have this all cleared up for you very soon! :)

    ref: CEU-49149-792

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