When I request my license again, I get the v3 instead of the v5!

I'm faced to the same issue than shiftclickme had described in a closed previous discussion :
I had a v3 license for several years and I bought and set up an update license to 1Password v5 one month ago. When I try to download again my license from 1Password's website, I receive the v3 License but not the v5 !
In addition, it seems that my 1Password didn't save my licence key any more... Since the trial period is over, I can not use it as i should.

How can I fix this issue in order to get the v5 license file ?

Thanks for your help.


  • Have you read this sticky right at the top of the forum? It may help you.

    If you definitely bought 1P5 from the AgileBits store (as opposed to from the Mac App Store) it's possible the AgileBits site has become confused about your licences. If you think that is the case you can send an email to support+licenses @ agilebits.com with the following information:

    1. your full name;
    2. your full address when you purchased 1P;
    3. the approximate date you bought 1P;
    4. the email address you used when you purchased 1P;
    5. a link to this thread.

    You will receive an automatic response with a ticket number. Post that number in this thread, which will help AgileBits connect the two and speed a response.


  • Hi @J-R,

    You are experiencing the same issue but for a very different reason and one I've just now corrected. I've resent your licences to you and I've also refunded the duplicate purchase you've (possibly unknowingly) made. I hope that helps and if you have any further questions or issues please do post.

    What happened was instead of attaching the record of the upgrade to your previous record it created a new one. When you requested your licence it sent the first record and stopped. Sorry about that and it won't happen again as they're now merged.

    As you're a gmail user I just want to add this.

    For 1Password 4/5 you will need to download your licence file from a link in the email and it should look a little like this:

    1Password 5 for Mac

    Name: littlebobbytables

    Download: https://agilebits.com/downloads

    Register: With 1Password downloaded, click here to automatically add your license


    No link? Link not working? View the complete installation steps.

    Obviously I've stripped out the last two links as those are unique to the licensee. If you're viewing the email from within googlemail at all you may very well find the second URL is stripped out - thank you gmail :\

    The second or third link though should allow you to download your licence file so while we haven't attached the licence file, the information needed to obtain it should be contained within.

    If you're still having troubles post back here and we can look into it more for you.

  • Thanks for your answer and many thanks for this refund... I didn't notice that I had paid twice my last update!
    Nevertheless, despite of your explanations, I didn't find the way to get the licence file. As you pointed out, I am using gmail and the link doesn't appear in the email that agilbit sends to me. I had also tried to download the licence file from AgileBits' Customer Center, but it doesn't work either.
    Is there a way to get the licence file simply and in accordance with my working environment (OS 10 Yosemite, gmail, Safari) ?

  • Can you not use the link at the bottom of the email (shown in the screen shot in post #2): "View the complete installation steps"? That will take you to a place from where you can download the licence directly.


  • I followed these steps :

    • I downloaded again and I reinstalled 1Password;
    • I requested the licence file from the Agilbits' web site support
    • I received the email without the "click here to automatically add your license" link (I am using gmail)
    • I clicked on the link "View the complete installation steps." within the mail, and a page has been loaded where the licence file could be downloaded.

    Thanks all ! I have able to register my 1Password.

    PS : I don't know whether all these steps are mandatory or not, but the last is very counterintuitive.

  • rickfillionrickfillion Junior Member

    Team Member

    Hi @J-R,

    Absolutely, it's counterintuitive. It's on our list of things to fix in the near-future. Our goal is to get that first link to actually show up properly for everyone, so that we don't need a second link. It should be obvious.

    Good to hear that you're all setup now though. Let us know if you have any additional questions.


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