Sync RoboForm data with 1Password for iPad

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I am trying to translate my roboform data into 1password so that I can sync it with my ipad. How would I do this? Thanks. Todd


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    Hello, there! For this you will need to be running 1Password for Mac. Click File > Import and select RoboForm Passcards from the drop-down menu, then 1Password will display instructions for exporting your data from RoboForm and importing it into 1Password. When you're done with that process, you can repeat it to import your Safenotes, this time selecting RoboForm Safenotes from the File > Import drop-down menu.
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    I just bought 1Password for my iPad and noticed it does not have an import passcard from Roboform so I came here for help and found this thread. I use roboform on my pc and want to export my passcards to 1password ipad. I don't have 1password for Mac (or a Mac).

    So is there a way for me to do this? I notice a beta 1password for windows, maybe somehow do the import of passcards with that?
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    Is there any thing I can do? If the answer is that importing Roboform into 1password ipad is impossible without 1password on a mac I'll just start pluging in the passwords to my most used sites so I can at least start using the program.
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    Hi Special Ed

    I honestly dont think this is possible at the moment. But I to always learn new things being around here. Ill let one of the others chime and see if they know of any to help out. I mainly just wanted you to know your post had been seen. I would go ahead and plug in my password if I were you at least the most widely used ones till one of the team can respond in more detail. I know there is a win version of 1P but I am not sure if it can import from roboform...yet . :)
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    Ok, thanks for the response. That's what I'll do. I'll get my most important business passwords loaded I need to get work done and add others as I find I need to get on the site. If someone comes up with a syncing solution I'll just apply that and be done with all 200 or so of my passwords.

    I am definitely still hoping that 1password for windows may offer a roboform syncing solution that I could then send to 1password for ipad.
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    Thanks for your reply, Tommy!

    Ed, I'm sorry no one got back to you sooner. In fact, only 1Password on a Mac has import assistance for Logins (Passcards) and Secure Notes exported from RoboForm.

    It may be that some future version of 1Password for Windows (currently in beta development) includes similar import assistance, but it does not at this time.

    We never say "never," but I haven't heard any discussion of direct import assistance in the 1Password apps for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.
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    I have started adding a few passwords. It is fairly labor intensive to enter each code so I'll need to chose only the top 20 or so enter. I printed out all of my passwords from Roboform and have 20+ pages of passworded sites so it would be an insurmountable task to add even half of them. Roboform has online storage of passwords so in a pinch on the road I could go to the online site and get passwords for sites I didn't think I needed. For example, I get a message on some forum I rarely use and need to log in to read it.

    The main problem is that 1password ipad is not integrated into the Safari browser so I just can't enter the password and usename at the site and save it in 1password at the same time. This is how Roboform works on the PC and how I assume 1password works on a Mac.

    Here is what I am doing, maybe there is a faster way - if so, please show me the light :).

    1. Find the website login page in safari
    2. Copy the url
    3. Close Safari
    4. Open 1password
    5. Enter my 1password passcode
    6. Create a password record, type the name of the site, paste the URL
    7. Look up my password and username on my print out and enter them into the record and save.
    8. Go to the page and hope it works (it usually does)
    9. Find the next site login page...

    Since there is no multitasking on the iPad opening safari and finding the login pages, closing it, opening 1password and entering the 1password secret passcode each time is fairly cumbersome. I don't thing the above is a 1passcode issue, it is just the way the ipad works and I doubt that safari integration or addons are allowed on the iPad. If I was a 1 passcode mac user the process probably would be a snap as I would just maintain them on the mac and sync them with the ipad which is how I really think it is intended to work.

    Unfortunately, roboform has no ipad app and they iphone app sucks on the ipad so it seems if I need to get in my important sites I'll need to enter them a few at a time as I get a chance.
  • MartySMartyS AgileBits Customer Care (retired)
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    I'm sorry for the confusion. The 1Password app can't be integrated with Mobile Safari in same way as 1Password is integrated with Safari on the Mac. This is because Mobile Safari is not extensible with plug-ins at this time.

    For this reason, we've included a Safari-like browser within 1Password that you can use to fill your details on web sites. To use this feature, launch the 1Password app, and tap the URL of the Login item that you want to use. You'll be taken to the browser, where your details should be filled in for you automatically.

    In your case, what I'd suggest you try is to setup a Logins item for your web-based RoboForm data retrieval site. You can then use 1Password to take you there, log you in and you can lookup the difficult to remember credentials (usually you can remember a username/id/email address for longer than you can a strong password). While you're there you can select and Copy the credential and then close the RoboForm site, find and edit the site for that specific credential and Paste in the value. That's a lot of back and forth... no doubt about it but it can all be done from the 1Password app without relying on printouts and such.

    We would like to be able to integrate saving Logins directly from the built-in browser if that's possible someday, but that doesn't assist you today.
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