Deliver beta updates through Google Play beta program

Google Play has a feature where people join a group and this allows the developer to send them -- and only them -- beta updates. If the user wishes to leave the beta, they can easily just quit the group and they'll be back to standard releases.

Given that's available now, why are updates still delivered as APKs? This will make the update process automatic and wouldn't require "Unknown Sources" to be enabled.


  • saadsaad

    Team Member

    Hey @Smileybarry! Currently, we are using HockeyApp because we are most familiar with this tool and we used it for releasing 1Password betas on other platforms. HockeyApp supports multiple platforms and provides us with awesome analytics when it comes to crash reports. The Google Play Beta program has been brought up several times by our users too and it's something that we want to look into in the near future. Thanks for the vote :+1:!

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