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The 1Password quick start page repeatedly appears whenever I open a new browser session.
This has happened since I removed and re-installed the browser extension a month ago. It did not happen before that, for the year or so that I have had the extension installed.
(This URL actually appears -- -- and re-directs to the quick start page.)

How can this be stopped? It is a distraction and interruption. It drives me nuts.

1Password version: 3.8.21 (build 32009)
OS version: 10.6.8


  • Hi @MDurbin,

    It happens every time you open a Safari window you say?

    Have you checked Safari's preferences at all? If I didn't know any better it sounds like it has been inadvertently set as a homepage. For me all those preferences are in the General tab in Safari but I don't have a system running Snow Leopard any more so you may need to do a spot of searching given I don't believe you're running the latest version of Safari.

    If this isn't the case do please let us know.

  • Hi littlebobbytables,

    I checked, it isn't set as a homepage. It is as if I had just installed the extension for the first time, and wants to take me to a welcome page. Is this something that the 1Password extension does, open a page when the browser is re-started after installing the extension? That is something other extensions have done. (Of course, in those cases the pages don't reappear a second time.) If so, why would the extension think it has just been installed?

    Thank you for your help

  • Hi @MDurbin,

    I've just tried installing a fresh copy of the 1Password 3 Safari extension and yes, it does open up a Quick Start page (although oddly for 1Password 4). What's odd is 3 minute expert page exists so not sure why you're being redirected.

    Okay, so it isn't something as nice as an odd homepage.

    1. Is there a reason why you uninstalled the extension before, was something not quite right?
    2. Do you have any reason to believe that there may be unsynced items in the extension? If need be I will have to show you how to check as it is possible. In the main 1Password window, if you sort the All folder by Date Modified does the most recently added/modified item seem correct?

    I'm tempted to suggest removing the extension again but before we can proceed I just want to confirm there is nothing in the extension that we might be losing. It keeps its own database (encrypted) so if it get disconnected from the main application it is possible to have changes only in the extension, changes that would be lost if you uninstalled it.

  • littlebobbytables,

    Thanks again for your help. To answer your questions,
    1. There was a reason but I don't recall precisely what was happening. It may have been that I thought things weren't syncing. In any event, I was trying to fix something and thought a clean install would help.
    2. The items look up to date in the main 1Password window.

  • Hi @MDurbin,

    I think it might be worth uninstalling the extension completely. Verify that the page isn't opening if you open and close Safari, throw in a couple of reboots etc. basically make sure this annoying page is definitely not opening any more. Then, see what happens if you install the extension again.

    Fingers crossed this solves it.

  • Hi again, littlebobbytables

    Thanks for your suggestion. I've been away from home a couple days so I will try it tomorrow, and report back.

  • We look forward to hearing how it goes :smile:

  • Hi littlebobbytables,

    I think I have stumbled across the problem. I did just as you asked, then re-installed. The page appeared on installation. Afterwards I closed and opened Safari a couple of times and thought it was fixed. But then I hit the keyboard shortcut "Reset Safari" (which I reflexively do when I close a session), and the page appeared the next time I started.

    I narrowed it down to the "Remove All Website Data" checkbox on the Reset options. If I leave that unchecked, no problems. I individually cleared the cache and deleted cookies; that didn't cause the problem either: your extension must store something else that tells the browser to display/not display the page.

    For now, I'm leaving the option to remove data unchecked when I reset. I'm not sure why this happens with your extension and not with others that display a welcome page. But I'm glad I know how to stop it.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Well I'm glad to hear you managed to identify the cause @MDurbin,

    Now given it's 1Password 3 and active development did finish some time ago it would seem your workaround is probably the best way forward. It's intriguing though, I'll have to see if I can replicate this but you're correct, the extension does store at least a couple of settings although I don't know precisely how.

    Nice find :smile:

  • Thank you for your help, littlebobbytables. One day I hope to clean up some legacy data/software so I can upgrade to a more recent OS. That will give me a current browser and 1Password 4. :)

  • It can be tricky if you have software that you can't replace but that requires a certain version, certainly companies all over the world know that after making so many intranets etc. that reply so heavily on a really crappy version of Internet Explorer.

    Throw in the expense of a new machine though and you'll probably (mostly) love all the improvements that have been made. Yosemite has a few quirks still though so don't feel you need to rush ;-)

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