Delete Database after wrong password

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I'm not sure if I have overlooked or this function does not exist. But if I or some one else enters the password wrong for 3 times the complete database should be deletet is this possible or if not jet is it planned (btw. I have 1Password Pro for the iPhone)


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    Welcome to the 1password forums, DanielD

    From the FAQ's

    Specifically here

    We have carefully considered the possibility of adding an auto-destruct feature that could wipe your data after too many incorrect attempts of entering either an Access Code or the Master Password. While in theory this may help keep 1Password touch data secure, it is much more likely people will accidentally shoot themselves in the foot. Imagine if you added some important data to your iPhone, and then your 4 year old daughter or coworker plays with the unlock screen and all your data ends up being deleted.
    Auto-destruct features like these are easily circumvented anyway because the first thing most criminals would do is actually steal your device, then copy your data off so they can attack it offline with real tools.
    As a compromise we added an increasing delay when the PIN code and Master Password are entered incorrectly. This delay will thwart “inquisitive” coworkers and playing children from accidentally (or perhaps even maliciously) destroying your data.
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