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Last night I installed the lollipop update for my Android phone and while looking through the settings just now I saw an accessibility option for 1Password. Is this something we should be using and if so how does it help?

I noticed recently that I am now able click on a login link from inside 1Password that will take me straight to a site and login, which has been a fantastic improvement so I'm wondering what this does instead. Will there be a browser extension like on desktop computers?


  • I noticed recently that I am now able click on a login link from inside 1Password that will take me straight to a site and login, which has been a fantastic improvement so I'm wondering what this does instead.

    Tapping on a url in the 1Password app opens the login in a special 1Password browser inside the 1Password App. This was the only way previous for 1Password to fill the login for you. To do it a proper browser you had to copy and paste the username and password which is a security risk because any app can read the clipboard.

    The new accessibility service and 1Password Keyboard allow you fill your logins into other apps, include browsers like Chrome and Firefox but also none website based app logins.

  • Does this work with all Android web browsers and apps? I wonder if there is a video anywhere showing this in action.

  • It should do. You can either run with the 1Password keyboard permanently or, when you select a text entry field, you should have the option to change the keyboard. On my phone I get a notification that allows keyboard change.

  • I can certainly choose the 1Password keyboard when using a browser like Chrome or Firefox on my phone but it doesn't seem to provide any option to complete login information. It's just a keyboard like any other.

  • There is a 1Password icon at the bottom to the left of the space bar. If it is disabled then did you turn on the accessibility service?

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    Yes you are right that icon is present. I tried to login this site and it worked on Chrome but not Firefox, where the option was simply greyed out. Then I tried in Mercury, which opened 1Password but said there was no login data for this site despite having accessed it via Chrome not long before.

    The good news is that Chrome works and it's not far off the experience from using a normal desktop browser but I don't know why other browsers weren't the same.

  • ok, I can confirm that. Works in Chrome, not in Firefox. @saad, @khad, @mverde any thoughts?

  • @saad Is there any way in the future this could be used to fill in other items around the Android system? I tried to set up a new wifi network inside lollipop and the 1Password keyboard appeared but I couldn't access the name of the network or the password.

  • saadsaad

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    Currently, automatic filling and login detection is only supported on Chrome, Javelin and Opera browsers. You will need to use manual filling on Firefox instead.

  • saadsaad

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    @ashleyk We do want expand filling from just login items, for the very good example you provided above. I will be passing on your suggestion to the Android team, thanks. :)

  • @saad from what I see at that link, "manual filling" still means that the 1Password button on the 1Password keyboard should be active. The difference between auto-fill and manual fill is whether 1Password can detect the webpage/application and choose the login for you as opposed to manually searching for the correct login.
    Is that correct?

    If so, then manual fill will not help. In Firefox the 1Password button on the keyboard is entirely disabled.

  • Oh, I see. Something in the article provoked an idea. You have to long press to active manual fill don't you? Why? Why does a simple tap not activate that mode when you can't activate the auto-fill mode?

    The problem you have is that the button looks disabled and does not respond to a single tap so the reasonable assumption is that it is disabled.

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    The reason on why we went with this approach is to prevent accidental presses of the 1Password icon when the user is typing on the keyboard. If 1Password detects login fields, the button glows blue letting the user know and a single tap will open 1Password's login selection screen. We may revisit this approach if our users feel it's too confusing. I'll pass on your feedback to the team.

  • I think that a simple visual change would help a lot. Like I said, the problem occurred, for me at least, because the button looks disabled.

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    Thanks for the feedback @RichardPayne. :) We'll pass this along to the devs for their consideration.

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