Does Wifi Synch exist on 1Password Version 3.8.21 (build 32009)

If not, what do I have to do to get the wifi synch feature? I have an iPhone and iPad. The apps for those devices is free correct? Or do I need to purchase 1Password for each device?


  • Hi @Arleen,

    Given the version you're querying about I've moved your thread to our 1Password 3 forum.

    Wi-Fi Sync does exist in 1Password 3 but Wi-Fi sync did change when we released 1Password 4 for both Mac and iOS. The result is you can Wi-Fi Sync between 1Password 3 for Mac and iOS only or Wi-Fi Sync between 1Password 4/5 for Mac and iOS. Unfortunately you can't mix between 1Password 3 and newer versions.

    You can download 1Password 5 for iOS for free via iTunes or the iOS App Store. Now the in-app purchase for the Pro features only has to be done once and it will cover you for all iOS devices using that Apple ID, a little bit like how any Mac App Store (MAS) purchase can be downloaded on all the Macs you own.

    Does that help?

  • So if I understand you correctly. I need to load 1Password 5 on all my devices. It was easy to do that on my iphone and ipad. But I tried to upgrade m 1Password on my MAC. Looks like I need to buy new version and it is not free. Am I not doing it correctly?

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    Hi @Arleen,

    If you're an existing 1Password 3 for Mac customer that purchased prior to 2013 then yes, you would need to repurchase 1Password for Mac. 1Password 4 was a complete rewrite, a start from scratch so the decision was made at the time to make it a paid upgrade.

    In situations like this there are four options.

    1. If iCloud Sync is important to you then you would need to purchase 1Password for Mac from Apple's Mac App Store (MAS). Only the MAS version can use iCloud Sync. We can't help with the cost of the MAS version as it's a fixed price for everybody and Apple set the rules and store features available. Now your query was regarding Wi-Fi Sync so that may not be an issue.
    2. If you purchase 1Password for Mac from our Agile Web Store (AWS) then you can use your existing 1Password 3 licence to obtain a discount price. We can do that as it's our store but as the iCloud frameworks are only accessible in applications purchased in MAS the AWS version cannot use iCloud Sync. As above, your query was regarding Wi-Fi Sync so that may not be an issue.
    3. If you're willing to forgo Wi-Fi Sync you can use Dropbox to sync 1Password 3 for Mac and 1Password 5 for iOS.
    4. If at some point in the past you purchase one of the older versions of 1Password for iOS (commonly known as 1Password for iPhone, 1Password for iPad and 1Password Pro - all v3) then you can still download those and you can use Wi-Fi to sync between 1Password 3. To release 1Password 4/5 though the previous version was discontinued and so only accessible to those that previously purchased it.

    If you have any follow up questions do please ask.

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