trying to figure out what happened.

We received 1PASSWORD 3 for MAC on Xmas in 2013. Love it....have been doing the updates and now have 1PASSWORD 5 and when I open my account and try to add or change info it is asking to register?? Did I miss something. I have a KEY but use this system everyday and am looking to fix. Did our license expire? Please advise me on what to do?
thank you


  • Hi @gjcigar,

    If you request to have your licence sent to you again via our AgileBits Support page does the licence email include not just a licence key but also a link to download a licence file? 1Password 3 did use a licence key which you could copy and paste in but when we rewrote 1Password 4 we moved to using a licence file. If your purchase/gift was in Christmas of 2013 you should have a licence file as you would be eligible to run the latest versions.

    If the email doesn't have a link to download a licence file please do let us know.

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