Sync Between Mac & IOS 8.2

Mac OS 7.5 with 1Password 3.8.22 and iOS 8.2.
Do I need to upgrade my 1Password 3.8.22 to sync with my iOS devices?
On Mac 1Password I cannot see dropbox or anywhere for syncing options


  • Hi @Gadgetkid,

    What you're after is in the General tab of 1Password 3's preferences. Now Dropbox has changed something since we last updated 1Password 3 so the Move to Dropbox button won't do you much good I'm afraid. What you might not know though is if you right click on the path above it you will get a small menu with three options. The one that will interest you is the Move Data File to Another Folder.... You can use that to manually move the .agilekeychain into Dropbox and achieve the same goal.

    If instead you want to link 1Password 3 to an existing .agilekeychain created by your iOS device then you would want to use the Choose Another... button instead.

    Does that help?

  • Thank you, I will try that option.

  • It worked!
    Thank you so much for your help

  • Glad we could help @Gadgetkid.

    If you have any questions in the future you know where we are :smile:

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