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I would like to find out more technical details about how licensing works (I already understand the purchase requirements--1 license per user, per platform). We have a VMware View VDI environment. While we use floating pool linked clone desktops (that get refreshed automatically when a user logs off of the machine), users' profiles are saved between Windows sessions, which means their experience is consistent whether they are logging into the "workstation-1" workstation or the "workstation-20" workstation. I'm currently testing 1Password as a VMware ThinApp package, which captures the installation and lets us deploy it to individual users as necessary. If we decide to purchase licenses for some of our users, will they be able to enter license information into the ThinApp instance they are running and have it be retained between 1Password/Windows sessions? I guess a better question would be, where is the the licensing information that a user enters saved (ie. local file in the user folder, HKCU registry hive, HKLM registry hive, etc)? I'm trying to determine if a ThinApp package is feasible in regard to licensing. I'm also wondering if installing 1Password for Windows on the base image is even an option since those machines get refreshed when the user logs off and the base image is shared between many virtual workstations. I appreciate any help anyone can provide.


  • %APPDATA%\AppData\Roaming\AgileBits\OPW4.license

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    @cpi39: RichardPayne is correct. You can find the license file stored in the AgileBits subfolder of %APPDATA% in Windows. Be sure to reach out of you have any other questions regarding 1Password licensing or setup. :)

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    Hi @cpi39,

    I would like to find out more technical details about how licensing works (I already understand the purchase requirements--1 license per user, per platform)

    That's for the personal license. We do offer site licenses at our business store here:, this will make it easier for you as you only need one single site license to cover your users, not individually licensed per user.

    In the next stable update to 1Password, we will add support to read the license in the %COMMONAPPDATA% folder to make it easier to deploy the license to your users instead of putting it in each user's profile. With this support, you can put the license in a deployment image without having to deal with the local user profile.

    If you need to test %COMMONAPPDATA% right now, it is available in the latest beta you can install now for your testings.

    One thing is that you must first activate your license in 1Password app before you can grab the activated OPW4.license file to deploy to other users. We will try to simplify this in the future for IT admins to grab the activated license file from our server.

    You might find this thread useful to skim through.

  • Thank you all very much for the excellent information! That's exactly what I was looking for.

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    @cpi39 - On behalf of @MikeT , you are very welcome !

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