Need to Reinstall Old Passwords

I have had two hard drive crashes in the last 6 months. I found the iPassword files I uploaded to a cloud for safekeeping. The files I found are: encryption keys [js file], ipassword [says it is a KEYS file] and a contents.js file. This is all I could find. Is there anyway any or all of these files will be able to reinstate the passwords that I had set up? It will be a real nightmare to have to redo the over two dozen user id's and passwords I had set up. Thanks for any help.


  • brentybrenty

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    @brandywine: I'm sorry to hear that. The contents.js and 1password.keys are only two small parts of your 1Password.agilekeychain. It's contents should look similar to this:

    The .1password files are the actual items you have saved (logins, secure notes, etc.) Without those, all you have are the files you unlock with your Master Password, which in turn are used to decrypt your 1Password data.

    If you can find the rest of these files and folders in your cloud storage, you may be able to reconstruct a working keychain. Otherwise, you will, unfortunately, need to start over, since AgileBits has neither your 1Password data nor the information needed to access it. I hope this helps.

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    Hi @brandywine,

    Can you tell me if you've scanned for the 1Password backup folder? It should be in your Documents > 1Password > Backups folder with the backup filenames like Bill 2015-01-08 111627 (460 items).agilekeychain_zip.

    You should scan for anything ending in agilekeychain and agilekeychain_zip.

    Also, beside your computer, were you syncing your 1Password data with a mobile device or a different computer? You might be able to restore from them.

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