Multiple vault handled like on mac os x?

Hello AgileBit team,
(Sorry for my english, it is not my main language)
i got some frustrating problems on my Windows version.
I got 2 vault, one main and other for work. My work vault password is on my main vault (unpossible to remember it because it's a 64 chars password).
When i use mac os x i can "add" my work vault on my main vault. So i open my main vault, i have access to my work vault.
But in Windows, when i have to got access to my work vault, i have to enter into my main vault, copy the work's vault password, close the main vault and enter into my work's vault.
It's reallt frustating when i have to do it at least 15 times on the day :(
I can understand that's the windows functionalities are not exactly the same that on max os x because languages differences etc...
But if you cannot purpose the same behavior that on mac os x , it would be great to let us have two open windows (individually). Or something else, but it is not a good behavior at this time :(
Is there some improvements planified at this subject ?
Thanks for anwser !
btw Great job for this program in general ! ;)


  • LauraRLauraR

    Team Member

    @gobotom - 1Password on Mac and 1Password on Windows handle multiple vaults differently. 1Password for Windows does not include the concept of primary and secondary vaults, so each vault is locked and unlocked separately. In 1Password for Mac unlocking your primary vault will grant access to all vaults.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

    Team Member

    Hi @gobotom,

    Basically, 1Password on Mac and iOS has a central database file that keeps all of your vaults and enables it to unlock all vaults at once via the primary master vault.

    This doesn't exist on Windows, it read and writes to your vault files directly, rather than dealing with one database file. We currently don't have plans to change this in the near future.

    As for opening multiple vaults at the same time separately, that's not likely either but we'll keep it in mind in the future.

    What you can do is instead of using a hard to remember password, use a diceware password instead.

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