1Password says "not a valid license key"

My usual PC is being fixed. I have a loan Surface 3 Pro for the month.

I used my (legal, purchased) license key after installing 1Password for Windows (obviously this is Win8.1).

1Password says it's not a valid license key. I think I had this problem when I first installed on 8.1 on my normal laptop too, tho maybe that was another product. Anyway ... how do I contact AgileBits and get my license key fixed?!


  • brentybrenty

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    @JimboHumbo: I'm sorry you're having a license issue there, but we will get it sorted for you!

    I wasn't able to find any licenses under the name or email you used to register on the forum, unfortunately. Do you still have the email receipt from your purchase? You do not need to have it, but that will have the correct purchase information and may help us find you in the system more easily.

    Please send an email to support+licenses at agilebits dot com with any relevant information (e.g. an order number, if you have it; but really, just the correct email address should suffice) so we can look up your license and make sure the code you're using is correct. :)

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    @JimboHumbo Please copy & paste your license key into 1Password. Please do not enter it manually.

    Does you license key start with 1PWW-? If yes, then you have an old license key (not a version 4 license key).

    However, if you purchased your old license key in 2013 or 2014, then it should "just work". Simply paste your old license key into 1Password version 4.

  • Dear Brenty and Svondutch,

    Many thanks for your emails. My license key does indeed start with 1PWW. So I guess that I need to upgrade my license?

    Anyway I'll email this info to the address above. Many thanks!

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @JimboHumbo,

    Yes or use 1Password 1.x for Windows instead. However, please email us first and we can explain more about your options. Some 1PWW- licenses are actually eligible for free upgrades, so that's why you should email us first.

  • Hi,
    I'm having the same problem - installed 1PW on a new windows 8.1 pro machine and it says "not a valid license key".
    It was a 1Password Mac + Windows Bundle (Single User License) purchased in 2012.

    Please help, thank you!

  • Follow the same instructions @mikeleong. Email [email protected] See @brenty's post above for what to send.

  • LauraRLauraR

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    @mikeleong - please include your email address and also your current license number. Both are very useful for checking your purchase information.

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