Finding 1Password File from browser extension

I purchased 1Password years ago and more recently on a new Mac I never actually used the software but am only using 1Password through the extension on my Chrome browser. However, I want to more fully use the software but when I open the software it does load the more recent files with my passwords from more than the past year. I cannot find the file that Google Chrome uses to save and recall passwords to load into the application. Does that make sense? Ideas?


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    Hi @kurtklement,

    Thanks for reaching out to us with your extension conundrum. The thing is, the extension is really just meant to be used as an (ahem) extension of the 1Password app, not as a standalone solution. They need to work together.

    It sounds like you'll probably need to upgrade your license and download the latest version of the app, as well as removing the old extension and installing a new one.

    You can also start thinking about whether you'd prefer to buy the license from our online store, with an upgrade discount, or from the Mac App Store at full price:

    First, can you tell us what OSX version your computer is running, and what version of 1Password you have installed? And what other devices, if any, do you use 1Password with? This info will help us guide you in the right direction. Thanks!

  • Thanks Vee. I have version 3.8.20. I'm not totally clear on how the licensing works. As I contemplate long term solutions do any of them provide a path for importing the passwords that I have accumulated for almost 2 years through the extension?

    Also, I am updated with Yosemite and really only use it on my laptop. Although it is my work laptop and would like to utilize it on our home desktop iMac.

  • I went back and followed the instructions for "Ensure all your browser Logins have been saved in 1Password" under the Support page you mentioned above. However the login that I created did not save in the main app. The ext is not syncing with the main app. And it doesn't give instructions for what to do in that case.

  • Hi @kurtklement,

    I'm going to message you here on the forums with what to do next.

  • Thanks! I got the email and will work on it now.

  • I think we're making progress @kurtklement and we'll keep the conversation going via messages.

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