Synchronize 1 Password Vers_3.8.22 with iPhone and iPad in 1Password Vers_5.2.1

Hello agile bits-Team
I use 1 Password Version 3.8.22 on a iMAc with MAC OS 10.6.8
On my iPhone and iPad is running 1 Password Version 5.2.1
Can I synchronize my data or di I have to upgrade my OS on the iMAC and buy and new Version of 1 Password?
Thanks in advance


  • Hi @nola,

    If you're happy using Dropbox then you can still sync 1Password 3 for Mac with 1Password 5 for iOS. That's good news as 1Password 3 is the latest version that will run on Snow Leopard AKA OS X 10.6. One aspect outside of 1Password to consider though is Apple hasn't supported Snow Leopard for a while now so your machine hasn't received any security updates for a while. Given the Wild West nature of the internet it is something to consider. As for as your 1Password needs go though, it will work with what you're currently using.

    Can I ask, do you require any guidance at all in setting up Dropbox?

  • Hi littlebobbytables

    yes I use Dropbox, but I read that Dropbox is not working with 1Password 3 anymore.
    Do you have a guidance respectively a workaround how to set up 1Password in Dropbox?

  • Hi @nola,

    Due to a change in Dropbox's APIs it is correct that 1Password 3 for iOS doesn't work any more but thankfully for you we don't interact directly with Dropbox on the Mac and instead leave the heavy lifting to the Dropbox service that is running. That isn't to say that over time there isn't a small hurdle to overcome but it's not too bad once you understand :smile:

    The gotcha on the Mac is at some point Dropbox have changed either the process name or where something is located. I don't know precisely, just that 1Password 3 can't detect that Dropbox is active. Thankfully it doesn't actually stop us using Dropbox but it does mean we have to adjust how slightly.

    In the General tab of 1Password 3's preferences there is the Move to Dropbox... which you're probably already aware of. What you might not know though is if you right click on the path above it you will get a small menu with three options. The one that will interest you is the Move Data File to Another Folder.... You can use that to manually move the .agilekeychain into Dropbox and achieve the same goal.

    If you have any troubles please do post back here!

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