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maciscoolmaciscool Junior Member
Hi guys,

I have a few suggestions regarding backups, which I think would be easy to integrate, and be really useful to us users:

1. Please could you integrate a back up progress bar when backups are done, indicating also time remaining to complete backup? It is very hard to know how long a backup still has, as well as how much has been completed. If you start a backup but then a little while later need to go, you have no idea how much longer to wait.

2. Please can you include a "cancel" button so that a backup can be stopped if necessary? e.g. if one suddenly has to go somewhere or do something else.

3. Please could you include backup history logs so that one can check when the last backup was completed, as most of us do not backup daily, and having a log would be really useful?

Hope we could see these included fairly soon.

thanks :D


  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

    Team Member
    Hi maciscool,

    I agree, a real-time progress status along with the ability to cancel it would be extremely useful for Knox. The history log is a great idea as well. We’ll look into this for a future update to Knox but I do not have a timeframe on when this’ll happen.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas with us,
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