Black top bar.

Can I request that when the 1password bar appears at the top of the browser window that it moves the window content down rather than imposing itself over the top, as it often obscures things and requires me to close it when I'd rather just ignore it and get on. Thanks!


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    @markbaldwin - could you add a screen shot for this so we can see exactly where the problem is? If you need any help taking a screenshot, there is a nice guide over at:
    Thanks !

  • @markbaldwin You're probably running the old (version 3) web browser extension. The new (version 4) web browser extension does not have this problem.

  • Before and after images attached so you can see that the bar obscures some function and necessitates closing.

    I also reinstalled the extension (I use google chrome) but it's still showing as v3.9.21.90

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    2.png 142.6K
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    @markbaldwin - Could you email us at [email protected] so we can help you update to the latest version. Please can you also include a link back to this discussion. Thanks !

    ref: NMZ-33257-596

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