iOS 5.3 extension not working with (PNC Bank)

First, let me describe how 1Password works with in Safari on the Mac. I go and see a field for my user id in the upper right corner of the window. I type the 1P keyboard shortcut and my id is filled in and I'm taken to the "complete sign on" screen where the password field is located. I type the 1P keyboard shortcut again and my password is filled in and I'm logged into my account. Note: I only have one PNC Bank entry in my 1P database. It contains both my username and my password. "Submit when enabled" is selected.

On my iPad, when I go to, the screen (in landscape mode) looks the same as on my Mac. When I open the 1P extension and select my PNC Bank entry my user id is filled in, but I am not automatically taken to the next screen. I have to tap the Login button. When I do that I see the familiar "complete sign on" screen. When I open the 1P extension and again select my PNC Bank entry (hoping to see my password filled in), nothing happens. I have to open the PNC Bank entry and copy/paste the password.


  • Hi @Duane Williams,

    I apologise for the delay in responding to you, our Saving and Filling in Browsers forum is new and the release of 1Password 5.3 for iOS has created a spike in queries in this specific area due to this new version being the first to contain our new filling logic, something we've been working hard on.

    So there are two parts to your query and I'd like to address the submit when enabled part first if I may. The move to the new filling logic was a big one, but one we're hoping will pay dividends for everybody. Sadly it did mean the submit when enabled feature in iOS is currently disabled. On your Mac we use a very small AppleScript to simulate the press of the return key but we can't do that on an iOS device. What we were doing in JavaScript was causing issues so the decision was made to remove it, at least for now, until we can find a better way of doing so. I hope the lack of this particular feature isn't too frustrating.

    The second part of your query is more important, or at least I feel it is. If you disagree I do apologise and please do correct me. What makes this particular login query tricky is your issue is specific to the second page and only a valid customer can reach that point. Normally with troubleshooting I'd test a variety of versions of 1Password on different platforms and try and understand what makes it tick. Here though, I can't see the second page that you do. I have a couple of ideas but I think to really get this resolved we need to move this to email for reasons of sensitivity. Could you email us please at [email protected] and could you set the subject of the email to FAO: LittleBobbyTables. You'll receive an automated email back from us with a ticket ID and if you were to post that here it will also help us link the two.

    Once we're in contact via email I will work with you to figure this out :smile:

  • Duane WilliamsDuane Williams Junior Member


    I was unaware of the problem with auto-submit when I wrote the above message. That is not my primary concern. The second issue is more important, because circumventing it manually, via copy/paste is a lot more troublesome, even though it is much easier now than it used to be, since no switching apps is needed now. I'll be happy to work with you via email to get this resolved, if we can.

    Your bot informs me that my support ID is [#KNL-62786-782].

  • Hi @Duane Williams,

    Thank you for posting the ticket ID, I find it really helps me locate a ticket. I've just replied to you so you should hopefully find an email from us in your inbox shortly.

    As we're communicating via email I'm going to go ahead and close this thread but if you have any separate questions or issues please do post :smile:

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