Having Trouble Getting Sync Going

Hi Folks,

I purchased 1 Password quite some time ago from Agile Bits. I have Version 3.8.21.

I now want to have 1 Password on my iPhone 6 and my iPad 4. I understand I need to use Dropbox for this since I purchased from the AgileBits site.

I downloaded the 1 Password app to my iphone, chose sync existing vault and then sync with dropbox. It finds my account but then I get an error message:

No .agilekeychain or .opvault found in Dropbox. Please make sure you are using the correct Dropbox account and syncing another computer or device with it.

I opened my security preferences in my Dropbox (I'm using the basic account). I see it is paired with both my laptop and my phone and the 1Password App.

I'm not sure what to do next.



  • PS. I am using OSX Yosemite 10.10

  • Hi @SuzinDC,

    Have you set up Dropbox Sync in 1Password 3 for Mac yet? If you haven't then your vault is still just local to your Mac and that would be one reason why 1Password for iOS can't find your vault in Dropbox. One of the reasons I love 1Password so much and indeed many of our users do is that your vault is totally in your control, if you don't want it in Dropbox it's only on your machine - your vault, your choice.

    Now development on 1Password 3 really stopped back in 2012 and at some point after then Dropbox have changed something, it's either where they store their files or possible the name of their process when it's running. Either way what we did to search for it no longer works meaning the move to Dropbox option will claim Dropbox isn't running.

    Everything is not lost though. There is another way to move the 1Password.agilekeychain to Dropbox.

    In the General tab of 1Password 3's preferences there is the Move to Dropbox... which you're already aware of. What you might not know though is if you right click on the path above it you will get a small menu with three options. The one that will interest you is the Move Data File to Another Folder.... You can use that to manually move the .agilekeychain into Dropbox and achieve the same goal.

    Once you've done this on your Mac 1Password for iOS should be able to see the .agilekeychain and proceed.

    Let us know how you get along :smile:

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