Auto Login Not Working

I have Mac with Yosemite. Just installed 1Password v 5.3. I am using Chrome and have installed 1 Password extension v

Checked that 1Password extension is enabled. No tick in "Allow access to URL's" but tried and it made no difference to problem below.

In 1Password -> Preferences -> tick in "Automatically submit logins after filling".
Cannot see anything to automatically complete login page - user ID/password - but I assumed this was automatic.

When I went to Gmail & entered user ID/password 1Password offered to save information which I did and I checked that the entry was there in 1Password and correct. Quit & restarted Chrome and went to Gmail login page again. Nothing was entered automatically by 1Password. I could right click -> 1Password -> choose login item and 1Password entered user ID/password and then logged in. - all OK.

Surely 1Password should automatically enter user ID/password and login when I get to login page?? What is going wrong??

Two supplementary questions:
1) Cannot see how to create categories within logins??
2) What happens if there are multiple 1Password entries for a single login page e.g. Gmail??

Many thanks


  • Hi @dogdog,

    We don't automatically fill a page that you visit in the browser, filling has to be initiated in some way for reasons of security. Now you can fill an existing page as you already know how to or also by using the ⌘\ keyboard shortcut. If you click on a URL from the main 1Password window it will open a tab at that URL and then proceed to fill - it's what we call open and fill and may seem slightly more automated depending on your perspective. Both are manual though and purposely so.

    So you're not doing anything wrong and by design we're not either although you may not agree.

    Regarding your additional questions.

    We don't have a way of subdividing up the Logins category. Supplementary to the hardcoded categories that exist, we do have the concept of folders and tags which may be sufficient depending on your precise needs. Folders do allow you to create hierarchies but our tags are probably more powerful in terms searching and the ability for multiple tags on a single item. We don't have any default tags, you simply create a new one by typing the name you'd like into the tag field and hitting the tab key. Saving the edit will create the tag. Folders can be created using the File > New Folder menu option in 1Password. That's a very brief overview but if it's something that interests you and you have more questions do feel free to ask.

    If you have multiple logins with the same website field then when you use ⌘\ to attempt and fill we will pop up the 1Password mini menu and list all of the viable Login items. We only fill without displaying the menu if a single item applies (meaning no user decision required). Whichever Login item you select will then be the one used for filling.

    Does that help at all?

  • Very helpful. Thanks.

    Could you also explain "Allow access to URL's" as an option in 1Password extension to Chrome. What is it for?? Should it be enabled??

  • Hi @dogdog,

    It looks like you've asked this question elsewhere as I thought I'd answered this :smile: You'll find my answer (as best I could anyway) in this post.

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