Going from Windows to Mac license Question

Hello. If I purchase the 1Password for Windows license today, and two months from now I replace my Windows PC with a Mac, can I use the same license or transfer the current license? Or, do I have to buy it all over again?


  • Officially no, but they have been known to be quite flexible with such things.

  • Hmmm. I guess I might have to wait and see what happens. I would hate to buy a license for Windows to turn around and get a Mac.

  • @SaraMinisterOfMagic can you provide any more certainty?

  • Hi @derekengel!

    We offer a bundle license discount and you can add a different platform to your purchase at any time using our https://agilebits.com/store/upgrade page. If anything happens, please let us know in [email protected] and we can assist further :)

  • @SaraMinisterOfMagic What plan would I need to go with right now to guarantee me that when/if I switch to a Mac, I will not have to pay again for a full license?

  • @derekengel Any of our users, at any time, have the ability to upgrade their license to the bundle :)

  • @SaraMinisterOfMagic hi Sarah. I think I'm more confused or not explaining myself properly. If I buy a license for Windows, single user, it costs $49.99. If a month or two from now I go and buy a MacBook, throw the windows PC in the garbage, what do I need to do to install and use 1password on my new MacBook? I'm hoping I don't have to pay another $49.99 and could just transfer my license?

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    @derekengel: If you're uncertain of if or when you'd be switching platforms, the best thing to do would be to purchase the bundle so that you have both -- which would also be useful to you if you end up switching back, or staying multi-platform. Or you could wait until you know what you will need.

    It isn't really possible for us to make guarantees based on hypotheticals, but we can guarantee a full refund within 30-days if you decide you need to return it and get the other version. So I will just say that if there extenuating circumstances, contact us directly at support+licenses at agilebits dot com and we will do whatever we can to help. :)

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