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Starting to play around with the idea of creating a vault. It appears, that when populating the vault (we are copying, not moving), you can only copy one record at a time. Is there anyway to use tags to do this? If not, I would like to request this feature be added.

Also, if we can use tags (now or in the future), I would like to have an option to have a record with a certain tag be automatically added to the vault. Scenario I have in mind is for the records I would share with my wife. I have quite a few records with her tag. It would time consuming to add them to a vault one by one. Then having to remember to add new records as I create them. Having the ability to use tags in this manner would be a significant time saver.


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    Hi @rlgleason51,

    There's not currently a way to have specific items automatically copied to a secondary vault, although I think that's an interesting idea!

    However, you should definitely be able to copy multiple items at a time from one vault to another. Just select multiple items in the main 1Password app (using the Shift or Command key), then go to the menu for Item > Share > [name of the other vault] > Copy.

    If you're having trouble copying multiple items to another vault, please let us know what happens. Thanks!

  • Thanks. I would therefore like to make a feature request that allow tags, or some similar flag, be used to automatically populate vaults. This would, I think, necessitate adding both a setting that would act as an on/off switch as well as a means to identify the tag or other flag that would trigger,the population of the vault.

  • I would like to add that this would not necessarily be limited to only one vault. This would be useful with multiple vaults, such as vaults for spouse, business, etc.

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    Thanks for your suggestion! I can certainly let our developers know about that (although I can't make any promises, of course).

    If you have more questions, feedback, or need anything else, you know where to find us. ;)

  • Good enough

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