Help: Accidentally Purchased 1Password for the Mac via Agilebits website not the App Store

I just purchased 1Password, but meant to purchase it through the App store. I would like to use iCloud sync. How can I change this without paying for it again? Thanks


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    Hey @jcall90,

    Thanks for buying 1Password today! Sorry for any confusion over where to buy it from. We'll be happy to help you sort it out.

    In the Mac App Store version of 1Password, the license is tied to the Apple ID, which we have no access to, so I'm sorry to say we can't just switch your license to the App Store. However, we can give you a refund from our store so you can use that money to buy from the Mac App Store.

    I notice that you got the educational license from our store, and as far as I know, the Mac App Store doesn't offer an education discount, so you'll probably pay full price there.

    If the cost is an issue, perhaps you'd consider Dropbox Sync, which is supported in the AgileBits Store version of 1Password and is just as automatic as iCloud Sync once it's set up.

    Just wanted to let you know your options. If you'd like us to go ahead an process the refund, just say the word and we'll take care of it. :)

  • I think I would like to go with iCloud syncing. I should delete 1Password off my computer before I make the purchase from the App store, right? Thanks for the refund! I'm looking forward to a better password management solution.

  • Hi @wkleem,

    The crux of it is that when Apple introduced the new iCloud Drive they decided to start enforcing restrictions on what could access the required frameworks. The new iCloud Sync framework, CloudKit is one of these that are now only accessible to apps purchased via one of Apple's stores. As you can only obtain iOS apps via iTunes all iOS apps can access the entirety of iCloud Drive. The trouble is with the Mac version where there can be the AWS and MAS version. The only part of iCloud I will always ensure is running is Find my iPhone/Mac, the rest is turned off.

    Now you could technically use the file space of iCloud Drive to Folder Sync a .agilekeychain but we assume Dropbox conflict resolution so there is an unknown element there (as well as being inaccessible to iOS devices).

    Was any of that informative at all?

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    Hey @jcall90,

    As requested, I have just issued a full refund for the 1Password 5 for Mac Educational License you recently purchased. You should see it in your account within a few business days.

    Here's our guide to migrating your 1Password data from the AgileBits Store version to the Mac App Store version. And the guides to setting up iCloud Sync are here.

    Holler if you get stuck on anything along the way. Happy syncing! :)

    ref: 843532

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    @wkleem, hopefully @littlebobbytables has clarified the iCloud situation for you, but if you'd like to learn more, you can check out our article comparing the Mac App Store version and the AgileBits Store version here. And we also have a whole iCloud FAQ for you to peruse.
    If you have any further questions after that, of course we are here. :)

  • Hi @wkleem,

    Unfortunately there is no easy solution there. I think your use of the word complicated is pretty spot on. All I can think of is to use 1Password 4/5 for Mac on one machine as a bridge. Have your Primary vault syncing using .opvault and then a secondary vault using .agilekeychain. Then every so often manually copy everything over from the .opvault vault to the .agilekeychain one. That assumes you don't change anything on the old Mac of course as the Item > Share > vault > Copy command simply overwrites anything in the destination with the contents of the source vault.

    Going forward I don't see an elegant solution, not given we're working towards retiring .agilekeychain and Windows Modern is the beginning of no return so to speak with it's .opvault only support. The problem is smooth transition in formats is pretty hard to do when working over 3 different versions and multiple platforms. I suspect you were already aware of either all of that or most though given you do frequent the forums and have been soaking up information for a while now :smile:

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