Running the app on Windows 10 [early stages of testing on 10]

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The app opens fine on my Windows 10 mobile but on the laptop version the app will not start. Has anyone seen this before?


  • SergeyTheAgileSergeyTheAgile

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    @danielL, what happens when you try to start it? Does it display some messages or it simply goes off screen?

  • It just disappears with no error

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
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    Thanks, @danielL.

    Because you can't get in to the app to send us diagnostics, can you search your device for something like this:


    Do you find a postmortem.txt file at that location? Anything else there?

    If so, please zip it all up and attach it to an e-mail message to [email protected], and be sure to include a link to this forum thread, so we can tie them together.


  • Hi
    After the recent windows 10 update I had to rebuild my machine and the app runs fine now.
    Not sure what happened!

  • SergeyTheAgileSergeyTheAgile

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    @danielL, thanks for letting us know. Win10 is still in its own alpha version, but we are paying more and more attention to it now. We will keep digging through crash logs that Windows Store reports to us.

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    Just out of curiosity, @danielL, what Windows 10 build is installed now?

    Also, do you know whether it's the same build as was installed when you had the problem reported here?

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