I was paying for a new subscription since I got rid of my old Toshiba and bought a mac, and somehow I ended up paying for and receiving 2 licenses. I only want one. How do I get a refund on a the second license?
Why did I have to buy a Mac license when I already paid for a windows license. I am only using one computer (plus and iPhone and iPad, which is why I switched to mac)
Andy Stewart


  • MeganMegan

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    Hi Andy ( @andyjstewart ),

    I'd be happy to help get your account sorted out, however, I was unable to locate a license in our back office records when searching using the email address in your forum profile. Please send us an email at [email protected] with your full name and the email address that you used to purchase your license. You could also include the license details from the email you received after purchasing, just to help us track things down more quickly.

    Why did I have to buy a Mac license when I already paid for a windows license.

    When you purchase 1Password, you're buying an app, not signing up for a subscription service. Because 1Password has to be designed and built differently for each operating system, it is sold separately for each platform. One benefit to this is that it allows users to purchase only the apps that they need for their various devices. If we priced 1Password such that one purchase would cover all of devices, regardless of platform, we'd have to charge a higher price (because we offer 1Password on such a variety of platforms) and users would end up paying for platforms that they don't use.

    That being said, we know that paying full price for software is not the most fun thing ever. So, we do our best to offer discounts to our loyal users whenever possible. For example, there's a great upgrade discount available on our website. Simply enter your existing license details on our upgrade page to see the discount available for further licenses.

    I hope this helps to explain things - we look forward to your email with your license details so that we can figure out where things got tangled up with your account! :)

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