Fill-in additional information by defining string fields and choose credential field manually

Hi there,

Can I fill-in more information by defining string fields and choose credential fields for the page manually? This can be easily done by KeePass with KeePassHttp extension, but I don't know where to find this function in my 1Password, which is really helpful to me. If 1Password cannot do this at the moment, I hope this function would be added to 1Password some day.

Chrome: 43.0.2357.65 m

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OS Version: Windows 7 pro 64bit
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  • Hi @mlndza,

    If you save a Login item from the browser extension, it ought to be recording any fields you've entered data into and all fields recorded should be played back when you fill.

    Now I just mention that because I'm not entirely sure I understand the query/request. I don't know KeePass which may be part of the confusion. Could you help me out a bit please. Once I understand better I will certainly do my best to answer/assist :smile:

  • mlndzamlndza
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    Hi @littlebobbytables,

    Thank you for the prompt reply!

    Yes, it will record any fields I've entered data into, but it doesn't put them back. I couldn't remember on which pages I need to input multiple values. I just tried the registration page for Gmail, it does recorded everything but only put the username and password back.

    As for KeePass, many values can be stored in login entries.

    Click on the chrome extension button of KeePass and then press "Choose own credential fields for this page"

    Now I can choose string fields, and the values will be filled in alphabetical order. This feature is very handy with good scalability, because sometimes a website may have multiple login pages under the same root address (for example Facebook homepage and login page), but the login entry is created through one of those login pages. 1Password may not be able to recognize all the fields correctly for every page, but I can do it manually with "Choose own credential fields for this page".

  • I tested with the Google signup page and 1Password indeed has a lot of trouble with the fields. It fails at filling them back (it only filled two of them for me). The fields seem to be recorded properly but 1Password seems totally confused when submitting them back, filled infos are placed in incorrect fields.

    Firefox 38 / Windows 8.1 x64 / 1Password / Extension 4.4.0b5 (same with 4.3.1)

  • brentybrenty

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    @mlndza: Thanks for following up. I'm sorry for the confusion!

    1Password isn't designed to be an all-purpose form-filling utility; rather, it's built to fill specific types of information (login, credit card, identity, etc.) into the appropriate forms. We may expand its form-filling capabilities in a future version, but right now we're focused on improving those areas specifically.

    @J.M: That said, if you're having trouble filling a specific type and a certain site, we will see what we can do to help! In this case it sounds like that will be a login at Google, is that correct?

    The best thing to do is save the login item where you intend to use it; that is, since you're not going to be repeatedly trying to fill your login credentials at Google's sign up page, you'll get better results if you manually save the login at the actual login page. Please give this a try and let me know the results. I look forward to hearing back from you! :)

  • Hello @brenty

    I already tried the automatic / manual save to double check (network tech reflexes) and the problem was the same. I just did it out of curiosity after @mlndza message, because i like to help (and learn). I'll never save any signup page fields, i don't need it :) .

  • brentybrenty

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    @J.M: Ahh, got it. Thanks for clarifying!

    And just to make sure we're on the same page, I was referring to manually saving the login at the login page. If either of you are having trouble logging in after that, the URL may be helpful, so that we can test this, since I'm just not running into this issue on my own. Thanks! :)

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