Problems with Leumi (Israeli bank)

Hi guys,

I'm trying to use 1password on Windows with Israel's Bank Leumi's login page:

The problem is that for some reason it ignores the password I enter and replaces it with a random one.
Also, I cannot change the random password it has assigned.

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OS Version: Windows 7 professional
Sync Type: Dropbox


  • MitchMitch

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    Hi @GotThisOneRight,

    Thank you for writing to us! I just tested out the Bank Leumi link you provided, and I was able to create a working entry in 1Password by following the steps in this guide:

    How to manually save a Login

    Please give that a shot, and let me know if you still encounter problems after creating a new Login entry that way.


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    Thanks Mitch, but still same issue - after the login failed I noticed that, again, 1password assigned it a random password.
    And by the way, how were you able to create a working entry? Are you a client of the bank? Do you have a username and password?

    Added later: why can't one change the password?

  • MitchMitch

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    Hi @GotThisOneRight,

    I created an entry which filled a (fake) username and password into the page. I am not a Bank Leumi customer but I know enough Hebrew to confirm that the right textboxes were filled in and that no details were changed . :)

    I admit I'm unsure what you mean when you say that 1Password is assigning a random password. Perhaps you're using it in a different way than I'm imagining. When you visit the login page, do you type anything in the textboxes before you click the 1Password button in your browser? More details about the steps you take would be a big help.

    (Also, you can change the password for any of your saved entries by opening 1Password, finding the right item, and clicking the 'pencil' button in the bottom pane to edit that item.)


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    Hey Mitch,

    If you know some Hebrew, it's definitely an advantage in this case :)

    I followed through the whole process again - and with the same results.
    Even though I entered the correct credentials (I logged in successfully), 1Password assigned a random password ([redacted], which is not the real password).
    Furthermore, when I changed that password to the real one (using the pencil), it did not work as 1Password reverted to that same random password ([redacted]).

    I'm at a loss here...


  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    I see what you mean, @GotThisOneRight. It appears that the site is obfuscating the password client-side in some manner. I redacted the obfuscated password you included in your post, since it may be possible to discover your real password from it. I would recommend that you change your password on that site as soon as you can.

    Once you have changed the password, try editing the Login item in 1Password and enter your actual password. I'm not sure if that will work, but it is worth a try.

    Please let me know how it goes.

  • Hi guys,

    Sorry, but 1Password just confuses me more and more.
    It offers to save passwords for sites it already has in its lists and does not offer to save password for new sites (e.g. Trello).


  • Hi @GotThisOneRight,

    The Automatically ask to save new Logins feature of 1Password works on the password field. If we haven't seen the password before we offer to save. I'm not going to say it's perfect, we have blips but sites that apply a linear transformation such as will always catch us out as the password to fill is never going to be what is there when the submit button is applied. For sites like this the only option is to exclude it from asking which you can do by clicking on the cog icon in the 1Password Save Login window and selecting the Never Autosave for this site option (see the screenshot below)

    Now with Trello, which I'm assuming is On their login page I did find that if only the username field is filled in it won't offer to save a Login but if both are filled it does offer. Are you saying you find differently?

  • Hi littlebobbytables,

    After double-checking, it turns out that I didn't save the Trello credentials as I thought. Sorry about that.
    But -
    The credentials for do exist - and still 1Password offered to save the password, not once - but three times, one after the other.

    I'm sorry to say, buy my experience with 1Password is very poor.

  • Hi @GotThisOneRight,

    I've tried both Chrome and Firefox on Windows 7 and I can't reproduce this. I let 1Password for Windows create a Login item for here in the forums and I tested both filling with the Login item and manually logging in too and both times not a peep out of 1Password for Windows. Both browsers did ask if I wanted to save the Login but their interface is quite distinct compared to ours so I doubt it's confusion between the two.

    It might be worth creating a new Login item for your forum login credentials. Does this new Login item make any difference or are you asked if you would like to save again? If the new one stops 1Password from asking it might be there is a difference between the two which we can attribute this to. Let us know how you get along :smile:

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