Should 1Password autofill MFA as well?

Switched from Authy to 1Password for my MFA needs but it doesn't autofill that in, should it?

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    Hi @NeckBeardPrince,

    At the moment 1Password doesn't fill your TOTP code like it does your username and password. Part of the reason is connected to how we added TOTP to 1Password. We have a specific custom field type set aside for TOTP but it is merely a custom field and these aren't used in filling.

    Now will 1Password behave always behave this way? I seriously doubt it. I can imagine all the developers here want TOTP to fill too, it's just about getting this desirable request into the queue and finding time to address it.

    Now we can't make promises as to even if any particular feature request will make it into 1Password or not let alone offer a timeline. Saying that, I would be as surprised as you if at some point 1Password doesn't do this. It's part of the Login process where it's used and it will be something our users will expect us to do.

    So I apologise the answer isn't a solid "yes, it certainly does". What I tend to do when I'm using 2FA is use of the keyboard with 1Password mini. The keyboard shortcut ⌥⌘\ will bring up 1Password mini (rather than try and fill) and because you're on the login page for the site already the Login will probably be the top item. I use the right arrow key to enter the Item Details for that item and the down arrow key to select the TOTP field. Pressing enter copies the code to the clipboard and you're returned to the browser. Obviously all of that can be done with the mouse too.

    I realise it isn't as ideal but hopefully it won't feel too onerous until we can create a more elegant approach.

    ref: OPX-758

    Oh and I've added your question as a vote to see this happen :smile:

  • Awesome reply, thank you!

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    @NeckBeardPrince: On behalf of lil bobby, you are most welcome. I'm glad that helped. Be sure to reach out if you have any other questions! :)

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