two usernames (one stranger) after clicking 1password icon on dropbox login

Eager to use the new fonctionality of on 1password, i click on the 1password icon in order to connect to dropbox on my Iphone 6 IOS 8.3. Before this, I had opened Dropbox App and Dropbox ask me my login and password. Next to the field 'password' is the 1Password icon.
What a suprise to see two logins, mine and a stranger one. I click on the stranger one an discover his dropbox with his files photos and so on.

Are you sure 1password is safe?


PS: I have screen photos of the stranger username and his Dropbox password

1Password Version: 5.4.2
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: IOS 8.3
Sync Type: icloud


  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @AndreMerian,

    Thanks for taking the time to write to us with this issue. Did you by chance purchase this phone second hand?

    If this is the screen you are referring to:

    That information is provided to us by the Dropbox app. If multiple accounts are listed there then there likely are/were multiple accounts logged into the Dropbox app.



  • Hello Ben,

    I'm afraid not. My phone is a 'new' phone.
    Do you want me to send you the screen captures I took about this issue?
    I've just done the process again. And 1Password proposes me the 2 logins again.

    The 'stranger' is [email protected]


  • Ben,

    For more details:

    1 I disconnect Dropbox
    2 Dropbox propose to connect (ou create an account), I click 'connect'
    3 Dropbox ask my email and my password. At the right of the password field the 1Password icon is there. I click on the icon
    4 A window open (at the bottom of the screen) and I click on 1Password icon
    5 1Password App opens and ask me my master password. I type it
    6 Then the 2 logins appears (see the enclose photo I sent to you)
    7 I choose 'Wendy'
    8 The fiels 'login and password' Dropbox are filled. I clic to access. It works, I can see the pictures of Wendy...

    Thanks for your answers


  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Thanks for the additional details.

    "Wendy Appleseed" is a fictional persona that we use for demonstration purposes. She doesn't really exist. You can read a little more about this in other threads on our support forum here:

    Sorry for any confusion or worry caused!


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