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I have just today bought 1 password, very impressive. However for one of my regular websites, TSB Bank, when I click on 'log-in' the user name and password auto fill and then immediately disappear, before I ahve a chance to press the log in button on the TSB site. Do you know why this happens? Is this site not consistent with your software? Thanks Jon Walden

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  • If you can give the exact URL someone may be able to test it for you. When replying it would also be helpful if you'd tell us:


  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    Hi @jonwalden,

    As Stephen mentioned, it will be very helpful if you can let us know the URL for that site, so we can try testing it ourselves to see if we have the same problem. Please also let us know the other information Stephen requested, and we'll see if we can figure this out. Thanks in advance!

  • I am using version 5.3 on my Mac. I am using the Chrome browser. The URL is https://online.tsb.co.uk/personal/logon/login.jsp?WT.ac=hpIBlogon

    I think Chrome automatically updates the Browser Extension to the latest version; according to your guidance.

    Thanks in advance for you help


    PS I have also noticed that if a log-in requires more than a password and user name your software is far less effective. For example, one website I use asks one of five different questions each time you login. So using autofill does not work. Am I missing something here?

  • Hi @jonwalden,

    For sites that require more than a username and password to be entered I would recommend taking a peek at our page on How to manually save a Login. It's essentially using the same as having 1Password automatically ask to save your login credentials, the key part is to save via the browser extension. I have one Login item where it fills in 5 fields, none of which are actually a username or password so it definitely works.

    Regarding logging into your TSB account, I don't have a TSB bank account myself so I can't test actually logging in but if I create a Login item using the How to manually save a Login guide I mentioned above and then I edit the Login item so it doesn't try to submit automatically after filling then both fields fill successfully and they don't disappear on me.

    So it might be worth creating a Login item using that procedure and seeing if it behaves any better. If it doesn't, we can try and narrow down the cause a little. Could you open the main 1Password window for me please and find the Login item. Click on the Edit button in the bottom right hand corner please and you will see two options become visible as part of the edit screen. The one I would like you to try changing is called submit and I would like you to change it from the default, Submit when enabled to Never submit. Click on the Save button and try filling in again using the edited item, does it behave any better? If it does we've narrow down the troubles to our submit function.

    If you can let us know your findings it may help us one way or another :smile:

  • I have just used that URL to log in to my TSB account on my iPad without any problem.

  • Hi @tonydow,

    Can I just make sure I'm not misunderstanding you at all, are you saying that the Login item that doesn't play well on your Mac works on your iPad?

  • No, I don't have a Mac. That was @jonwalden . Just letting you know that there is no problem with the site as I can log in successfully in 1Browser and Safari on my iPad.

  • Hi @tonydow,

    Sorry, that was quite the daft mixup on my part. Thank you for pointing that out :smile:

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