i need help im a new user and 1pass is not happening for me ?

IE has no 1P icon
my IE has no 1p icon, so all the user guides refer to this and i dont have it, im on windows xp and have downlaoded twice now, i even accepted the beta version to see if that would help, no,,anyone ?


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    Welcome to the forum, terranosgone!

    There are a few reasons why the browser extension might not work. The first to come to mind are the version of Internet Explorer you're using. Here are the supported browsers:

    Please see these documents for tips on setting up browser extensions:

    Please let us know whether any of that helps!
  • hi Mr Brown
    well thanks for that , i now have a the 1p icon, it was hidden and the 2nd link u gave me showed me where i could find it, many thanks, however, now i will try it and carry on with the tutorials, many thanks.... :D ;)
  • hmm, it still wont put the saved user id and password into the fields on the website, im practicing in ebay is there a particular problem with that site ?. i have the password saved , but when i open the sign in box in ebay nothing happens,?..any more useful tips please , is it possible its not happy with Billeo being in my toolbars?. although i closed the billeo gadget the 1p still wouldnt work ,, thanks :(
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    1Password currently doesn't automatically fill a form at a site that you visit in your browser.

    Please see the Using a saved Login item tutorial for tips and this FAQ article for related information.
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