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I just love you guys (and gals), but we're supposed to use a password manager to simplify and lessen the keystrokes, but for EVERY new entry in 1Password on my Mac, I have to write my email as the username... It's time consuming, it's frustrating (because you can use iOS shortcuts on iPad/iPhone but NOT on Mac)..... Will you, ever, finally, have petty on us, find a way for us to enter a default value in the username when we create a new entry (logins or otherwise).....
A bit frustrated client.

1Password Version: 5.3
Extension Version: 4.3.1
OS Version: 10.10.3
Sync Type: iCloud


  • The only slight problem is that my email address is never my user name and my user name varies from site to site. :)


  • I got you Stephen, but many sites use the email as the username... anyway and I'm sorry to say, it's not because you're doing this that way that we all do! I think it's enough to have a strong different password, but hey that's my point of view. Secondo, this request has already being made by other users, I really don't understand why being so stubborn about this request... but hey, I'm only the customer!

  • I should have made it clear that "I'm only the customer" too. I'm merely a volunteer here and don't speak for AgileBits—so don't give up on getting a more hospitable reception for your idea. :) I was merely making a personal observation and should have made that clearer.


  • Hello Stephen, I'm very sorry about my tone: I was under the impression by being a moderator that you were part of the staff... My apologies again.... From one user to another...

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    We moderators don't know what plans AgileBits has, and we also haven't given up the option to express our own opinions. Maybe we should adopt a signature block with those disclaimers. Or maybe not...

    In my own case, I never use my email address as a username, unless a site requires it. In the case of the AgileBits forum, your username shows when you post, and you really don't want that to be your email address shown like that in a public forum. So there's one counter example, even though you aren't prevented from using your email address as your username by the forum software.

  • Hello Stephen, I'm very sorry about my tone: I was under the impression by being a moderator that you were part of the staff... My apologies again.... From one user to another...

    No problem at all: I ought to have made it clearer that I was merely giving my private opinion. Hawkmoth describes our position perfectly in the first paragraph of his post. I find it hard, sometimes, to refrain from giving my personal opinion. :)


  • Hi @johnnygoodface,

    Based on your initial post it sounds like you create most of your Login items from within the main 1Password window, would that be a correct assessment?

    I ask because there are a couple of ways of creating a Login item. There is what I refer to as a basic Login item, one created from within the main 1Password window. This is how I used to create all of mine when I was an Opera browser user years ago. I did this because Opera didn't have a 1Password extension. That's the price of using one of the less common browsers and I accepted it.

    Since moving to Safari though I now use the browser extension for saving Login items as it gives 1Password a chance to review the page and learn what it needs to do. In theory it should allow 1Password to more reliably fill in difficult pages and in many cases following our How to manually save a Login guide can help. I now tend to only create basic Login items as part of troubleshooting.

    I can see how saying use a default username in the first instance could be feasible but not so much with the second option given the extension works with 1Password mini to simply pass the filled fields. That's why I thought I would ask about your workflow.

  • Hi,

    You assume right in both instances: about using the main 1Password window and also about using Safari. I've using the extension from time to time but not exactly in the way you described... Let me do some testing with the extension about my case, and I'll get back to you soon.
    Thank you for helping me

  • Hi @johnnygoodface,

    With a little luck you find the extension a good way of creating Login items, we'll wait to hear what you think :smile:

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