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all my logins are gone. nothing fills in anymore. I've tried several and nothing. it's all gone. I paid a lot of money for this and everytime there is an upgrade or something it's hours and hours of frustration and things not working. how do I get my logins back and working like they were just a few hours ago?

_1Password Version: 5 something
_Extension Version: ?????????????
_OS Version: 8 something
_Sync Type: don't know what this is


  • I want my money back. I am wasting precious time having to go to all my websites and change my passwords now. I am BEYOND frustrated and angry.

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    All your logins are gone? So you open 1PW and it is empty? Nothing? All gone? What changed from he last time you used 1PW and it worked?

    Why don't you know your 1Password Version? Why don't you know your extension version? Why don't you know your OS version? You mean iOS? You don't use sync? Do you know what brand of computer you are using? Windows PC or Mac?

  • Hi @heidenhope,

    We (as in AgileBits) do actively monitor the forums so if you can help us understand the problem we will certainly try to help. As it stands though there just doesn't seem to be enough information to go on.

    1. If you click on the Apple in the top left had corner and select the About This Mac it should tell you what version of OS X you're running. You say 8 something but that would mean a much older version of 1Password than 5.
    2. Which version of 1Password am I running? That should help tell us what precise version of 1Password you're running.
    3. How to find which version of the 1Password extension is installed. That will help you locate the version number for the extension. Your default browser would also be useful to know.
    4. What do you mean by all gone? I only ask as it would seem to contradict the nothing fills anymore statement. If my vault was empty, as in all of my Logins were gone then I wouldn't expect anything to fill but that wouldn't be the primary cause of concern.

    Hopefully with some more details we can assist.

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    Hi @heidenhope,

    Please see my post here as to why I've closed this thread.

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