New user iphone 6 plus does not see mac when wifi sync

I have searched the forum for the past 2 hours, but I am having trouble understanding what I need to do. I bought 1Password 5.3 for mac from the apple store yesterday. I set up a couple of logins. I tried it out and it works. :) Today, I downloaded the 1Password ios 5.4.2 for my iphone 6plus. I would like to do wifi sync. When I first open the app, it asks to create a new vault or sync existing vault. I chose sync existing vault since I created one yesterday. Next page, I chose using wifi. I am not able to see my macbook pro listed on the wifi sync page. I read through many articles and tried many things. I think my biggest problem is I am not tech savvy and I really don't know what the articles are referring to. For example, if your firewall is on, make sure your let allow 1Password. There is no explanation on how to do that. I went to settings and my firewall is on. I see that it allows 1Password mini. How to you add 1Password? I even tried turning off my firewall, but I still don't see my mac on my iphone. So i tried something else, creating a new wifi as suggested. On the article, the created wifi requires a password, but when I tried to create mine, there is only Network name and choice for password. Since I will be sending all data using this wifi, I don't want it to be an open wifi. Also what is this "secret" that some of the articles referring to. I don't see a "secret" page anywhere when I try to set up. Can someone help me with step by step instructions for non tech people like me? Pictures will be greatly appreciated.

1Password Version: 5.3
Extension Version: 4.3.1
OS Version: iOS 8.3, Safari 8.0.6
Sync Type: wifi


  • I did more research and tried the following...still unable to sync (does not see my mac on my iPhone)
    1. found out how to add 1Password to firewall - done
    2. shorten the name of my computer (only 20 letters long - including spaces)
    3. found out what "secret" is - but this doesn't help because can't see mac on iPhone
    4. restarted both mac book and iphone a few times - didn't help
    5. found out you can't have a secured computer to computer network in Yosemite

  • Hi,

    Have you completed all of the steps on this page

  • Yes. It is the setting up wifi sync on my ios device that I am having problem with

  • I read another post regarding not able to sync iphone with to sync with ipad but not iPhone. So I downloaded the app to my ipad and I was able to wifi sync 1Password with my mac. Still unable to see my mac on my iphone (refresh list many times). Please help! Don't know what else to try.

  • You might try rebooting your router to see if that helps. Otherwise take a look at this knowledge base article on setting up an ad hoc wifi network (much easier than it sounds, don't worry!)—which will effectively let us know if you have a network problem or some other problem.

    I do periodically still have problems with wifi sync but I always find that a little bit of re-booting of devices sorts the problem. I'm sorry that's not working for you currently.


  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Thanks for the assist, Stephen. Please do let us know how that goes, @huynhmama

  • Thank You, Stephen!!! A simple rebooting of my router did the trick.

  • JasperJasper

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    On behalf of Stephen, you're welcome. I'm glad to hear that helped! :)

    Please let us know if you have any other questions!

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