Logins Synced from Mac Don't Always Work in Windows

Not all synced logins work
I first set up 1Password (v3.5.9) on my Mac, using it for several weeks and adding logins to it. I then downloaded the Windows version ( and synced it to the Mac logins via a Dropbox account. However I've discovered that not all the logins work--often those for financial institutions. Typing the login information in by hand always works, and the same logins work just fine on the Mac side. Suggestions?


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    Welcome to the forum, amoore!

    There are occasionally cases where a Login created in 1Password for Mac doesn't work quite the same in 1Password for Windows. When that happens, please try this:

    1. On your PC, visit the login page in question.

    2. Fill in your username and password, but don't submit the form.

    3. Click the 1P button in the browser's toolbar, click the Save Login button, and create a new Login.
      (Do not replace the existing Login for that site.)

    4. Let Dropbox sync the new Login item to the Mac.

    5. On your Mac, visit the login page in question, and press Command-\.

    6. Try to use the new Login item.

    If you can use the new Login item on your Mac as well as your PC, you can delete the old Mac-created Login item.

    If you can't use the new Login item on your Mac, you'll have to maintain two Logins for that site: one for each platform.

    That's less than ideal, but at least 1Password on each platform should present only the Login that works for that site when you press Command-\ or Ctrl+\.

    We apologize for the inconvenience, amoore, and thank you for your patience!
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