Is the communication between the watch and the iPhone encrypted?

In otherwords, if someone out there has some kind of bluetooth packet sniffer, will they be able to see my passwords when I open the app on the Apple Watch?

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    Hi @jvinding! I'd recommend reading our document on the security of 1Password for Apple Watch. A key tidbit is this:

    Apple’s WatchKit provides secret and authenticated communication between your Apple Watch and your iPhone. When you set up your Apple Watch you “pair” it with your phone in a manner that prevents anyone else from obtaining data sent back and forth between your phone and watch.

    That should keep any bluetooth communications from being intercepted. On top of that, if you set up a PIN code for 1Password for Apple Watch, we encrypt the data that appears on the watch with that, as an extra measure.

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    You're welcome, @jvinding!

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